Fall 2019 Classes


The Page Woodson Building - 600 N. High Ave.



September 9 through Dec 14

No classes week of October 14-19 OR November 4-9

No classes Thanksgiving Day



Prices are based on number of classes enrolled


Enrollment Fee due when registering online (non-refundable)

$25 per student per semester* (​$35 per family​)

*One enrollment fee covers all classes and productions


Tuition is per semester based on a 12 week semester

Families may choose to pay for the entire semester or break their total into 3 monthly payments

(due September 15, October 15, November 15) 


  • 1 class: $40 per month or $120 per semester

  • 2 classes: $75 per or $225 per semester

  • 3 classes: $100 per month or $300 per semester

  • 4 classes: $115 per month or $345 per semester

  • 5 + classes: $120 per month or $360 per semester


Parents of Enrolled Students:


At KidsAlive! we have found that there are huge benefits from interacting with individuals of all abilities, ages and backgrounds in an educational setting.

Many of our new weekly classes are designed for multiple age groups to work together, including adults. Parents, here is your chance! If you've been wanting to learn a new skill, (or brush up on an old one) we invite you to check out one of our classes available to adults.


Parents of enrolled students may take any class offering for $20 month (with ​family ​enrollment fee.)

Jillian Ferguson

Jillian has been performing all her life. Her favorite things to do are choreographing and dancing in musicals! Most of her dance training was through Range of Motion. She has been teaching all styles of dance for 6 years now. She is very excited to start teaching here at KidsAlive! She is currently a music major at Oklahoma Christian University.

Shawna Linck

Shawna Linck is an award winning performer, director and certified yoga instructor who has spearheaded youth theatre programs in Piedmont, Yukon and OKC. The founder of KidsAlive!, Shawna has successfully coached hundreds of performing children and adults in the metro area, and directed and/or choreographed over 90 productions in the last 20 years. Favorite youth productions include:  Mulan, Mary Poppins, Aristocats, Annie, Beauty and the Beast,, Little Mermaid, Seussical, Pinocchio and her own version of Three Little Pigs. Shawna was awarded the Broadway Jr Spirit Award and named a Freddie G Fellow at the 2017 Junior Theatre Festival.

Wendy Stacy

Wendy Stacy is a graduate of Oklahoma City University and the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance and a Master of Science degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders/Speech-Language Pathology. She currently is the director/cofounder of the ReadWrite Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma providing assessment and intervention services for students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences and training for teachers. Before becoming a speech-language pathologist, Wendy spent 10 years working as a professional singer/dancer for theaters, theme parks, and cruise lines across the United States. Favorite roles included: Mistress/Evita, Lola/Damn Yankees, and Audrey/Little Shop of Horrors. Ms. Stacy also served as the music teacher for Crossings Christian School from 2001-2010.

Ashley Untauer

Ashley Untrauer was born and raised in Oklahoma. She has been Dancing since she was 9 years old. She obtained her degree in dance performance from the University of Central Oklahoma and after college realized her love for teaching and choreography. Ashley has been teaching and performing in the OKC metro area since 2012. She is passionate and driven and strives to give her students the best by continuing to find ways to expand her knowledge of dance and teaching techniques so that her students will have the tools necessary to be happy and successful in her and others dance classes. She is so excited to be working with KidsAlive! this fall semester!

Jennie Higgins

Jennie Higgins grew up in the world of theater and understands how body language and facial expressions are vital to successfully communicating with an audience. Her theater background opened her interest in the world of communication and Jennie graduated with honors from The University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma (USAO) with Bachelor of Science degrees in Deaf Education and Elementary Education.  She currently teaches in Albuquerque at the New Mexico School for the Deaf and choreographs all of the KidsAlive! numbers involving American Sign Language. Jennie holds a Masters degree in Deaf Education - Bilingual Education.

Britt Mullett

Britt Mullett is a senior at The University of Oklahoma majoring in Special Education. Her passion for dance began at the age of three where she started taking classes at Dance Innovation in OKC. Her passion for dance was fueled at Range of Motion where she trained in classical ballet, pointe, modern and jazz. She performed at competitions, showcases, and recitals. After high school, she embarked on a six month immersion trip to countries in Africa including Namibia, where she introduced dance to kids ages five to thirteen teaching jazz classes. As Britt travels and serves in communities across the globe, whether Lesotho,  Maine or Edmond, she shares her joy for dance and creativity in hopes of sparking a passion in future artists.

Dalton Thomas

Dalton has been a part of the OKC theatre community since his senior year of high school and is honored to be a part of Kids Alive! He has performed multiple roles at various theatres in the area including Jewel Box, Poteet, Carpenter Square, and The Pollard. In 2015, Dalton won a best actor Gem Award for his portrayal of Charlie Gordon in Flowers for Algernon, and served as a board member for Jewel Box Theatre from 2015 to 2018. Off-stage, Dalton plays his most important roles of full-time daddy to his 2 year old son, Elias, and husband to his wife, A’Mari.

Hip hop is a  very energetic street dance style with strong historical and social roots in African culture. It originated in the 70s and was influenced by jazz, rock, tap, as well as American and Latino cultures. It incorporates a wide range of styles to hip hop music with a strong beat.   Hip hop dancers work hard to master challenging steps and movements that appear simple when performed.  Dancers develop a great sense of rhythm while working in this fun and fast paced dance form. 

Hip Hop (Ages 8-12)


Pioneered by dancers such as Martha Graham and Isadore Duncan in the early 20th century, modern dance is a style that explores movement outside the bounds of ballet.  Traditionally performed with bare feet, modern dance creates unique ways to express the basic human emotions through movements that are situated in a more natural pathway for the body, deliberately using gravity to find a better connection with the earth and ourselves!

Modern (Ages 12 to Adult)

Leaps and Turns

A specialty class designed to teach proper technique for turns (chaines, pirouettes, piques, axels, fouette turns, etc.) and leaps (grand jetes, tour jetes, switch leaps, Russians, etc.) and connecting these two techniques in to other movement seamlessly. 

Leaps and Turns (Ages 12 to Adult)

Intro To Dance

Young dancers will be introduced to basic ballet, jazz and tap techniques in fun and innovative ways that will improve coordination, increase flexibility and develop their ability to perform short choreographed routines to some of their favorite musical theater numbers.  Students will need a jazz OR ballet shoe and tap shoes.

Intro To Dance (Ages 4-6)


Notable Beginnings (Intro to Music theatre)

In our early childhood intro to music theater class children sing, dance, play instruments, call and respond, clap, tap, laugh, skip, jump, pretend and learn! Children also engage in musical interactive read-alongs in which they hear stories, sing, move, repeat words, rhyme and delight in books. Children develop their rhythm, pitch and melody, language skills, motor coordination, interpersonal skills, cultural awareness and preschool and reading readiness! Research has shown that children who receive early music instruction have increased overall academic achievement. And that children who engage in meaningful language and literary experiences are more prepared for school and reading. Best of all, it is BIG FUN!

Notable Beginnings (Ages 3-5)

Beginning Acting

This class will dive into a deeper understanding of character development and delivery as well as more refined technical skills used in the acting world. We will focus on creative thinking skills, problem solving skills, and interpersonal communication skills necessary for everyday life in addition to the world of performing. We will end our year with a series of age appropriate scenes to showcase their new skills!

Beginning Acting (Ages 8-11)

Life Skills


Through our work with children with special needs in our Kaleidoscope program, KidsAlive! has discovered that the use of American Sign Language (ASL) is an invaluable tool to enhance the storytelling capabilities of musical theatre.  ASL not only expands our ability to communicate with others, but adds new dimension in a stage setting, deepening the meaning and the message of our stories and songs. Students enrolled in this course will receive weekly videos of voices off instruction in beginning ASL communication, and then meet in a classroom setting to discuss the material, and practice techniques via video conferencing with Jennie.  

ASL I (Ages 10 to Adult)

ASL III (Ages 10 to Adult)*

* ASL I and II required to take III


The word yoga means "union"  ... to bind, join, attach.  This class incorporates breathwork, poses, and solid attention to alignment, allowing our students (both youth and adult) to appreciate and develop their own inherent strength and connect their bodies, minds and hearts, cultivating healthy life forces and a new sense of awareness.   We invite you to create space where you were once stuck,  to learn to appreciate the capabilities of your body and become aware of your mind and the noise it creates - to make peace with who you are.  May we achieve strength together!

Yoga for Strength and Balance (Ages 12 to Adult)

Meet the Instructors



We are excited to be able to offer Ballet again as a weekly class at KidsAlive!! Considered to be the foundation of all dance forms, solid training in ballet will give your student the core strength, terminology, balance, symmetry and proper technique needed to develop a strong musical theater dance ethic.  

Beginning Ballet (Ages 8-11)

Beginning Ballet (Ages 12 to Adult)

Intermediate Ballet (Ages 12 to Adult)


While the heart of every dancer's strength should be based in ballet,  jazz is one of the uniquely American art forms originating from African traditions in the early Twentieth century.   Proficiency in this style is extremely beneficial for performers interested in musical theatre. Our dance levels are designed to encompass several years of training, so students interested in enrolling in an Intermediate class should have at least three years of training in their discipline under their belt.

Intermediate Jazz (Ages 12 to Adult)


While the heart of every dancer's strength should be based in ballet,  tap is one of the uniquely American art forms originating from African traditions in the early Twentieth century.   Proficiency in this style is extremely beneficial for performers interested in musical theatre. Our dance levels are designed to encompass several years of training, so students interested in enrolling in an Intermediate class should have at least three years of training in their discipline under their belt.  Our instructor may suggest an alternate level once class begins.

Beginning Tap (Ages 8-11)

Beginning Tap Ages (12 to Adult)

Intermediate Tap Ages (12 to Adult)

Hip Hop

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