Your support makes a difference. KidsAlive! productions do not happen in just one weekend. It is the culmination of daily work that happens year round. Preparation for a show begins almost a year in advance. Production rights have to be secured, performance space has to be rented, and training has to begin. Rehearsal space is needed. Directors, teachers, choreographers must be in place. KidsAlive! is not a program that happens only on show weekends. It happens every day —— and we need your support.

Our programming has expanded exponentially since our beginnings just four short years ago, as has the cost involved to meet the needs of our students. In the fall of 2019, after learning that facility charges for our summer program were significantly higher than expected, we felt strongly that the future of our program was at risk. Tuition and ticket sales alone were not covering the costs of our space and production costs. We were seriously considering closing the program at year’s end.

We have been inspired by the strength and dedication of our students, friends and family to work hard to find a way to keep KidsAlive! doing what we do best... provide opportunities for children of all abilities to harness the power of music theater to develop leadership skills, think outside themselves, connect with others, and be a source of positive change in our world.  We feel it is our responsibility to continue to carry the banner for these young performers, as well as the many others who might benefit from the spirit of KidsAlive!