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The Junior Theater Festival (JTF) is the world’s biggest and best celebration of young people performing musical theater.

JTF brings together student musical theater troupes from all over the world for a weekend of musical theater mayhem and madness. Each troupe performs fifteen minutes from a Broadway Junior®️ show for adjudication by a panel of musical theater experts. The weekend also features professional development for teachers, workshops for students and parents, a New Works Showcase featuring new musical adaptations soon to be released and performances by Broadway’s best!

Join us for JTF Texas June 24 - 28, 2021! (Actual Festival Event Dates June 25-27)

Rehearsals begin June 5

The Junior Theater Festival continues to be a cornerstone of KidsAlive! programming. To see highlights from past trips to JTF check out our past productions page. This year, we are excited to attend the festival a little closer to home.


We recognize that the current coronavirus situation complicates long range planning but we are moving forward with our efforts to attend JTF in Sugarland, TX. The Junior Theatre Festival team, along with KidsAlive! leadership, is committed to making this experience as safe as possible. With that in mind, we have many details yet to be finalized. We will be sure to share the specifics as we have them.

KidsAlive! recently was awarded "Outstanding performance" at the January JTF Online Extravaganza. We are committed to taking a team to JTF Texas this summer to provide our students with a live experience, but in the (hopefully unlikely) event that JTF Texas should go completely virtual due to the Covid situation, we would not not attend. Instead, we will turn our efforts to other enrichment for our students closer to home.


  • Auditions will be held March 8 and March 10 from 6:30-8pm at the Wheeler Ferris Wheel Pavilion.  Students should plan to be there the entire time.

  • You only need to sign up for one day.

  • Parents are encouraged to join us at 7:45 pm, at the end of the Audition period for a brief Q/A period. 

  • Auditions will be conducted KidsAlive! style meaning there is nothing to prepare in advance. We will be looking for students that are quick learners, want to participate and collaborate, are good movers and singers, as well as strong members of an ensemble performance.

  • We will only be auditioning for spots on the JTF team. Individual roles will be selected during the rehearsal process.

  • Masks will be required.

  • Wear something comfortable that you can move in, and please bring a water bottle.

Cost Estimates

The Covid pandemic has made things difficult to finalize. We know our traditional procedures for travel, etc. will change due to the variables of how the Covid situation plays out over the spring and summer. We are still awaiting final details regarding Festival Hotel costs, etc. We will be driving to Texas, as opposed to flying as we have in the past.

In the past, we have looked at the JTF experience as one in which our students have a few days to bond together with each other, and the bajillion other students from around the world who share their love for all things musical theater! Our lodging at hotels was designed to give students a chance to spend time with each other, with 3 students and one parent sponsor in each room. This year, in an effort to minimize issues with Covid, each student will need to travel and lodge with their own parent or family members. An exception will be made for close friends who already spend a great deal of time unmasked in each other's homes.  


  • Individual Registration: $240 (ALL individuals attending Conference events must pay registration.) Registration fees for all attending individuals will be due to KA! by April 5.

  • Hotel: Approximately $600 per family. KA! will book a block of rooms and all attending families will stay together in this block. We estimate hotel costs to be $100 to $150 per night depending on which hotel we stay in. The Marriot in Sugarland is the official Festival Hotel. We should know early April which hotel we are in and final costs involved. If close families choose to room together, this cost can be split between the families.

  • Group Attire for students: $100 (Jackets, performance shirts, pants, wristbands, stringbags) Students will provide their own footwear.

  • Tuition:  $350 per student

  • Food: In the past, KA! has been responsible for all meals. This year, due to the change in travel and lodging arrangements, KA! will arrange a few group meals for students, but some will be on your own. We will get those costs to you as soon as details are finalized.

  • Travel: Travel costs - Gas, etc. will be the responsibility of each family.

  • Total Cost Estimate:

    • Students: $1,290 (includes hotel costs for entire family) plus food

    • Accompanying Adults: $240 plus food  


Total costs will be divided into 3 monthly payments in April, May and June. All Festival Fees must be completely paid by June 7.



  • Saturday June 5:  9 to 5 intensive... audition for roles, general music and choreo

  • Mondays through Fridays: June 7 through Tuesday June 22: 1 to 5 pm  

  • Tuesday June 22: 7:30 pm - Parent performance at Studio.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us directly.

Shawna Linck



Chad Haney

Music Director