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As mysteries and miracles befall us, through the years......


Life is why....

Pain is why.......

Love is why....

Grief is why ........

Hope is why.......

Faith is why ......

YOU are why!!!!!!!!!!!

KidsAlive! is excited to announce plans for our Spring production of Once on this Island, Jr. at Special Care!

Based on the celebrated Broadway musical, this rousing Calypso-flavored tale employs almost non-stop singing and dance to follow one small girl who finds love in a world of prejudice.

Meet Ti Moune: a peasant girl who rescues and falls in love with Daniel, a wealthy boy from the other side of her island: an island where rivers run deep, where the sea sparkles in the sun, where the poorest of peasants labor, eternally at the mercy of the wind and the sea, and where the wealthiest of the grands hommes play. Two different worlds on one island! When Daniel is returned to his people, the fantastical Gods of the island: Asaka - Mother of the Earth, Agwe - God of Water, Erzulie - Goddess of Love, and Pape Ge - the sly Demon of Death -- guide Ti Moune on a quest that will test the strength of her love.

KidsAlive!'s production of Once on This Island,Jr. at Special Care will feature two different traditional casts (Water and Earth) of typically developing young performers (ages 5 to 18) , as well a Kaleidoscope cast of children with special needs (Gems) partnered directly with our most experienced young performers (Mirrors.) Each pair of children with different abilities work together to develop one role, building on the strengths of each other, creating a musical theater experience with beautiful patterns and shapes that we couldn't see without the collaboration of the two. This is our 4th year to partner with Special Care for this unique and award winning experience. Last February, at the 2019 Junior Theater Festival in Sacramento, KidsAlive! was awarded Outstanding Performance with our Kaleidoscope cast of Lion King, Jr. and had the opportunity to perform Circle of Life in the Wells Fargo Pavillion for almost 2,000 festival participants. We are excited to continue to share this life changing experience with the families of Oklahoma City, and are extremely grateful to Special Care for their leadership in working with children of all abilities.

All three casts of Once on this Island, Jr. will have the opportunity to harness the power of musical theater to explore a culture very different from our own, utilizing both visual and performing arts to tell this rich and heartwarming story. We plan to fill the stage and aisles of the auditorium at Special Care with a cacophony of color, lights, dance, song and heartfelt emotion, celebrating life and all of its joys and challenges. Join us as we share why we tell the story!


Once on this Island takes place on the Jewel of the Antilles, which is another name for Haiti.  Filled with many rich and vivid characters, this production explores a culture that is divided by huge class distinctions, an island whose people have survived countless earthquakes and natural disasters, and who continue to find joy and meaning in life despite the challenges the forces of nature continue to thrust upon them.   With deep respect for the Haitian culture, performers will be encouraged to explore the lives of these island people and will work to bring their characters to life as authentically as possible.

Storytellers:   4 of the most challenging roles in the show.  They not only sing the bulk of the show, but they focus the audience's attention on important events throughout the production.  we will be casting excellent singers who can both act and handle the demands of a sizable role.

Mama Euralie:  She is the mother to adopted daughter Ti Moune, and the symbolic mother of us all. She is loving, practical, funny and earthy.  A great role for a solid actress with strong vocal skills.

Tonton Julian:  The loving father to his adopted daughter, Ti Moune. Tonton is strong, practical and supportive.  He is faced with the difficult task of letting Ti Moune chase her dreams, even if it means he may never see her again.  A sensitive actor with solid vocal skills.  He needs to partner well with Euralie.

Little Girl/Little Ti Moune/ Peasant girl:  (Looks 5 to 7 years old) May be played by the same actress, or cast individually. She will need to be able to portray a frightened young girl, as well as a spunky girl who enjoys running and playing around.  These young performers need to have a dynamic stage presence.  

Ti Moune:  The focus of our story and featured soloist in songs and dance.  We will be looking for a performer who excels in dance, acting and vocal skills.  She drives the energy of most of the scenework and performs a pivotal dance solo:  a freedom-filled storytelling dance of the peasants, the earth and love of family.  

Daniel Beauxhomme:  Daniel is the leading male character, a son of a wealthy grands hommes who needs to pair well with Ti Moune.  His character is complex, both dramatic and surprisingly simple.  Strong singer, mover and actor.

Daniel's son:  A young boy (looks 4 to 5) with a small walk on part at the end of the production.  He will be part of the ensemble throughout.

Gatekeeper: Boy or girl, needs a booming voice and strong stature.  The gatekeeper needs to be able to take command of the stage and be able to follow stage combat instructions.  

Daniel's Father:  A wealthy member of the grands hommes, Daniel's father is not sympathetic or understanding of his son's wishes.  

Andrea:  Daniel's refined and beautiful fiancee.  Daniel and Andrea have been promised to each other by their parents since birth.  She is sophisticated, educated, and the exact opposite of Ti Moune.  This actress needs to be able to move gracefully, and have strong vocal skills.

Pape Ge:   Describes himself as "the sly demon of death."  This actor needs to be able to create a strong and commanding character.  A good vocalist, preferably with unique vocal qualities.  This character usually works best as a male, but could be portrayed by the right female performer.

Asaka:  The Goddess of the Earth.  She sings one of the most popular and fun songs in the show:  "Mama will provide."  We will be looking for a confident and outgoing singer who moves well with a robust and engaging personality.  

Agwe:  The God of Water:  Needs to be able to drive the energy of an early scene in the show with his/her solo "Rain."

Erzulie:  The triumphant Goddess of Love.  Confident, yet charming, this actress is a graceful mover with solid vocal skills.

Ensemble:  Ensemble performers will create peasants, villagers, guests, and the wealthy Grands Hommes.  All of KidsAlive!'s productions are ensemble driven and the Once on this Island ensemble should fill the house with song and dance and drive the story as they create rain, storm, wind, trees, birds, animals,and more.  The ensemble will never leave the stage, and every cast member will play ensemble roles regardless of casting. 


Friday, May 1: 7 pm Water Cast

Saturday, May 2: 10 am Kaleidoscope Cast

1 pm Earth Cast

4 pm Water Cast

7 pm Earth Cast

Sunday, May 3: 2 pm Kaleidoscope Cast

* Typically developing performers will perform in all 6 performances. Gems (children with Special Needs) will perform in the Kaleidoscope performances


Members of the Water and Earth Cast perform in all 6 performances, and serve as ensemble for each other and the Kaleidoscope cast. Mirrors for Kaleidoscope will be chosen from both the Water and Earth cast. This all means that rehearsal schedules can be very confusing. Most of February and March we will only rehearse with the two Traditional casts, and those students will only rehearse at their chosen cast time slot. Kaleidoscope cast will have a 3 week period in late March/April when ONLY the Gems and Mirrors will rehearse. Then everyone gets involved beginning April 20 and we start combining the casts together.

~ Rehearsals for the two Traditional Casts (Water and Earth) will be held Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from February 13 through March 26. There will be no rehearsal during Spring Break, March 16 through 20. Performers will select the cast of their choice based on rehearsal times at sign ups.

Earth Cast will rehearse from 4:30 to 6:30. Water Cast will rehearse from 7 to 9 pm. Members of the Water and Earth Cast will learn at least two performance tracks and will perform in all 6 productions. There will be no pre-auditions. Roles will be cast during the rehearsal process. When a student signs up they agree to accept any role. In addition to the named roles, a Dance Ensemble will be selected which will have additional rehearsals on Tuesdays and Thursdays March 30 through April 16 from 7 to 9 pm. * Members of the dance ensemble must sign up for the Water Cast, and will not be able to perform as Mirrors in the Kaleidoscope production.

~ Rehearsals for Kaleidoscope Gems AND Mirrors will be held 5:00 to 7:00 pm, Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, March 31 through April 16. Mirrors must also be members of either the Water or Earth Cast. Consistency is of vital importance to our Gems, so all Gems and Mirrors will be required to be present for every Kaleidoscope rehearsal and performance. There will be no excused absences for Kaleidoscope Gems and Mirrors.

~Staging rehearsals for all three casts will begin the week of April 20:

Monday, April 20 - 5:30 to 8:30 pm ... WATER CAST (Members of both earth and water cast attend... NO GEMS)

Tuesday, April 21 - 5:30 to 8:30 pm .... EARTH CAST (Members of both earth and water cast attend..... NO GEMS)

Thursday, April 23 - 5 to 8 pm .... Kaleidoscope Cast (ALL performers attend)

~ Tech Week (Monday April 27 through Thursday April 30) involves Daily rehearsal for every cast member

Monday through Thursday: 4:30 to 5:45 pm - Kaleidoscope; 5:45 to 6:15 - dinner, 6:15 to 9 pm - Earth and Water Cast

Friday May 1 at 5 pm will be a brief 15 minute Kaleidoscope feature for Special Care students prior to the 7 pm performance


February 13 through March 12, March 23 through 26 (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays)

  • 4:30 to 6:30 pm Earth Cast Rehearsal

  • 7:00 to 9:00 pm Water Cast Rehearsal

March 30 through April 16 (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays)

  • 5:00 to 7:00 pm Kaleidoscope Gems and Mirrors

  • Dance Ensemble ???

Monday, April 20

  • 5:30 to 8:30 pm ... WATER Cast staging (Members of both earth and water cast attend)

Tuesday, April 21

  • 5:30 to 8:30 pm .... EARTH Cast staging (Members of both earth and water cast attend)

Thursday, April 23

  • 5 to 8 pm .... Kaleidoscope Cast staging (ALL performers attend)

Monday, April 27 through Thursday April 30:

  • 4:30 to 9 pm -- All performers Tech (GEMS only attend from 4:30 to 5:45)

Friday, May 1:

  • 5:00 pm - 15 minute featured numbers for Special Care - All performers

  • 7:00 pm - Water Cast Performance

Saturday, May 2:

  • 10 am - Kaleidoscope Cast Performance

  • 1 pm - Earth Cast Performance

  • 4 pm - Water Cast Performance

  • 7 pm - Earth Cast Performance

Sunday, May 3:

  • 2 pm Kaleidoscope Cast Performance


  • Kaleidoscope is tuition free for the Gems in our program. Gems are responsible for a $100 Materials Fee at signups which helps us provide costumes, props, scripts and music. All Fees will be waived for students enrolled in Special Care.

  • The total cost for students enrolled in one of the traditional casts is $325. $100 Materials fee will be due at signups, and the remainder of the tuition $225 will be due by the first rehearsal on February 13. Your child may not attend rehearsal if payment has not been received. Payments may be made online through a Parent Portal in Student Director, or by check to KidsAlive!


1. Choose your cast:

To sign up your child to participate in Once on this Island, Jr. with KidsAlive! please use the following link to register/login to Studio Director. Once there, you will need to select one of three class options: Earth, Water, or Kaleidoscope Cast. All Gems (children with special needs) will sign up for Kaleidoscope. Typically developing students must choose between the Earth (4:30-6:30 pm) and Water (7 to 9 pm) casts based on rehearsal times. Please choose a time where your student can attend consistently, preferably with no absences. We have a very short rehearsal time for each individual cast and rehearsal conflicts will be limited and must be approved by director. Students interested in being involved with the Dance Ensemble should select the Water Cast.

2. Fill out or update the parent/student information in the Parent Portal.

3. Pay the $100 Materials deposit online (or mail a check to: KidsAlive! PO Box 2994 OKC, OK 73101)

Your child will not be considered registered until your deposit is paid. If your child is a student at Special Care, all fees will be


4. If your child is interested in being considered as a Mirror in the Kaleidoscope production, please DO NOT sign up for the Kaleidoscope cast. (Only mirrors should register as Kaleidoscope) Instead, once your child has registered in the Water or Earth cast, please email Shawna asap at Shawna@kidsaliveokc.org and let her know they are interested in becoming a Mirror. She will contact you directly with more information.

The success of our Kaleidoscope program depends on our experienced young performers willingness to share their time and talents, make new friends, and learn from and with the Gems in our program. Kaleidoscope is unique in that our Mirrors are co-performers with their Gems, they are not simply mentors or helpers. We will only be able to accept and stage as many Gems as we have Mirrors in the program!!!

5. That's it!! Once you have completed your online registration and paid the Materials Fee, you will receive email confirmation that your child's place in the production has been reserved. If your student is a member of the Earth or Water Cast, be prepared to pay the remainder of your tuition ($225) by the first rehearsal on February 13. Start watching your emails for additional information regarding rehearsals, costuming,etc.

ALSO, Stay on the lookout for more information about Spring Happenings with KidsAlive! Although we will not be offering weekly dance and acting classes, we are planning a number of workshops in dance, acting and more that will be available to our students throughout the Spring Semester!

PLEASE email shawna@kidsaliveokc.org if you have ANY questions regarding scheduling, fees, registration, the production... you name it!!! Whether you are new to our program or an old friend, it is our hope to partner with you and your family as you journey into the world of musical theater!!