“Oh, the thinks you can think” when Dr. Seuss’s favorite characters come together in this fun and innovative musical adventure!

Gavin Guthrie


Jodianne Loyd

Asst Director

Danielle Szabo

Music Director

This KidsAlive! production of Seussical, Jr. is designed for students ages 7 to 14 years old who are newer to Musical Theatre.  Cast size will be limited to 20 students.


Everyone will be cast on an audition basis.  By auditioning, you are agreeing that, if selected, you will participate in the KidsAlive! production of Seussical and will accept any role.  Rehearsals begin shortly after the cast list goes out. We will not have the time to recast if you change your mind about being involved.  Your commitment is critical to the success of this production. 

Rehearsals will be a combination of online and in person - both inside our studios, and outdoors.  For safety, we will be sharing materials electronically and have some rehearsals via Zoom. In person rehearsals will be held outdoors when the weather allows, and indoors in our Capitol Hill Studios when Covid allows.  Please see our Covid Policies HERE.  Our students will have a big responsibility to learn choreography and vocal material at home under the guidance of our creative team, so they should be self-motivated and able to complete assignments in a timely manner.  All gatherings will follow CDC recommended guidelines to enhance the safety of our students and their families.

Due to the corona virus situation, Seussical, Jr.  will NOT be a partnered Kaleidoscope production.  We do welcome performers of all abilities. Gems (performers with special needs) up to the age of 18, who are able to work independently, are welcome to audition.  We also have special permission from MTI to open our auditions to former Kaleidoscope Gem Alumni who are over the age of 18.  Please indicate on your sign up form if you child should be considered as a Gem. 


For those students who are older or with more experience, we invite you to audition for our spring production of Ragtime, School Edition.  Details can be found HERE


  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:30 to 6, beginning January 19

  • Tech Week:  May 3-7 (Monday through Thursday - 4:30 to 6:30, Friday 6 to 9 pm)


  • May 8-9

  • A minimum of 2 performances will be held. More may be scheduled depending on location and circumstances with the pandemic.

  • Performances will be masked and socially distanced, and take place in an outdoor venue TBA.


Due to the current situation with coronavirus, all auditions will be submitted electronically.  Auditions will consist of a filmed vocal audition.  Audition videos must be received by Friday, January 8 at 9 pm to be considered.

To audition:

  1. Choose one cut to submit from the Audition folder found HERE.  Please select a piece that you can have fun with, and that showcases your personality and strengths.   Audition videos must be emailed by Friday, January 8 at 9pm.  Please see the Video Audition Requirements below for further information.

  2. Submit via email a headshot (Does not have to be a professional photo. Any clear picture of your child’s smiling face will work)

  3. Submit via email a resume with your video audition (Does not have to be a professional resume but we do need to understand your child’s experience)

  4. Submit via email a list of known conflicts

  5. Email the above to seussical@kidsaliveokc.org

  6. All performers will be notified of their casting status by Sunday January 10 at 10 pm.  We will release a cast list ONLY.  Individual roles will be determined during the first rehearsal period.

Video Auditions Requirements

  • All emailed video auditions must be received no later than Friday, January 8 at 9 pm.

  • Every submitted auditions must include:

    • Vocal recording (submit via link and email to seussical@kidsaliveokc.org)

    • Headshot (Does not have to be a professional photo. Any clear picture of your child’s face will work)

    • Resume (Does not have to be a professional resume but we do need to understand your child’s experience)

    • List of any known conflicts with the rehearsal schedule

  • Professional video equipment not needed. A clean video from your phone will work. 

  • Please check the sound quality of your video. Directors must assume you sound like you do on your video.

  • Please state your name and age as if you were present in front of the directors.

  • Please do not read sheet music for your audition or use note cards or cue cards.

  • Videos can be combined into one or sent separately.

  • Video auditions must be emailed as a link to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, or similar format.

  • Email your audition link to seussical@kidsaliveokc.org

  • Any technical difficulties or inability to play the video is not the responsibility of KidsAlive! but we are willing to help troubleshoot. Contact Chad Haney at chad@kidsaliveokc.org for assistance.


Rehearsals, both online and in person, will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 to 6:00 pm. Rehearsals will begin Tuesday, January 19.  Tech week (May 3-7) will involve additional rehearsals from 4:30 to 6:30 Monday THROUGH Thursday.  Friday’s rehearsal will be from 6 to 9 pm.  No absences will be permitted during tech week or performances.

A full rehearsal schedule will be given to you after casting, at the end of the first week of rehearsals. Students are expected to be at every scheduled rehearsal unless they have prior approval from the director.  Multiple absences or undisclosed conflicts may affect your child's ability to participate in the production.  


Please check with us prior to auditions if you have ANY questions about your child's availability.




The TOTAL COST of the Seussical, Jr.  production class is $375. 


$25 of this is a once-per semester registration fee which helps us cover the cost of services which allow families to pay online, receive reminders, etc. (The registration fee for a family with more than one child is $35 per family.)  This fee will not be duplicated if your student also desires to participate in other spring programming such as weekly classes, or other productions.


Tuition for the class is $350.


Complete tuition should be paid in full by the first rehearsal on January 19.  If you need to make payment arrangements please contact Shawna Linck at Shawna@kidsaliveokc.org





A “Thinker.”  He’s a smart child with a vivid imagination.  By the end of the show he learns how to help out his community using the power and possibilities of his own “Thinks.”  A strong singer, Jojo can be played by a boy or a girl.



The essence of mischief, fun, and imagination.  The Cat stirs things up and causes trouble, but always sets them right again.  He befriends Jojo and helps him discover the power of his own imagination.  A physically fluid role, the Cat needs to be confident onstage, comfortable with comedic timing, and able to improvise with the audience.



A gentle giant.  A big-hearted, blue-collar guy who is steadfast, responsible, and true.  He is sympathetic and receptive to the world around him and believes in the inherent goodness of the world.  Horton goes on quite a journey throughout the show but always stays true to himself, even when the going gets tough.



Parents trying to raise a child with a big imagination.  These Whos may get aggravated with JoJo, but they love him dearly.  They try their best to make the right parental choices, even if JoJo doesn’t always understand them.  Mr. and Mrs. Mayor are a team, so we will be looking for performers who pair well together.



Very self-conscious about her one-feather tail, Gertrude gains confidence throughout the show, losing her anxious, nervous, shyness and becoming a bird whose self-worth doesn’t rest on her appearance.



Self-centered, vain and manipulative, larger-than-life Mayzie ultimately means no harm.  She has a moment of self-awareness when she decides to do the best thing for her egg and give it to Horton once and for all.



These teasing, prank playing monkeys get a kick out of making mischief, often at another’s expense.  These performers need to be great movers who work well as a group.



A fabulous flock of birds who know everything there is to know about the jungle happenings and support Mayzie throughout the show.  great movers and vocalists, who work together with precision. 



Loud, brassy, and full of fun. She’s got a lot of attitude but isn’t mean.  She’s just unafraid to tell it like it is.  A strong performer with a bring-down-the house singing voice who is ready to make bold choices onstage.



Sour Kangaroo’s feisty daughter. She may be pint-sized, but she follows in her mother’s footsteps with her BiG personality.



The authoritative Judge who presides over  Horton’s trial at the end of the show.  



The most famous Seuss character of all!



The citizens of Whoville. They look alot like you and me, only they are so small they are invisible to the naked eye. They are a tight-knit supportive community of very unique characters.



All KidsAlive! Productions are ensemble driven, and our ensemble will work together to create the many roles that drive this production: 

Jungle Citizens, Hunters, Circus Animals, Fish, Nurses, Jurors, Vladd Vladikoff.  This ensemble will remain active onstage the entire production, and named roles can expect to move in and out of the ensemble throughout.    

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